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The life in the Rwenzoris is very hard. To get water for washing and drinking the people have to walk over long distances. Getting power is only possible via solar paneels which itself are costing relatively much if you compare it to the little income most of the families have there. But this means also that it is very difficult for parents to send their children to school, since the school fees are are for many families not affordable.

To adress those problems many community project were started in the Rwenzori Region – the campsite is one of them.

The Rwenzori Campsite was founded to generate an income for the surrounding Communitys – mostly the Bakonzo and Batooro. The campsite was built by the Rwenzori Unique Ecotourism Association. In person the campsite gets managed by Elisha and his family, who will welcome you very heartful and give you the feeling of being part of their family.

You are always welcome: Elisha and his family (Photo: Kabarole Tours/Henri Maiworm)
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See our rates here:

Banda: 20,000 Uganda Schilling

Tent:     15,000 Uganda Schilling


Breakfast:  12,000 Uganda Schilling

Lunch:        12,000 Uganda Schilling

Dinner:       15,000 Uganda Schilling

Guiding Services:

for one or two person:          20,000 Uganda Schilling p. p.

for more than two persons: 50,000 Uganda Schilling in total

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The campsite is based in the Rwenzori Mountains so what is more obvious than doing a tour in the Rwenzoris.

Since the campsite is very close to the Rwenzori National Park you also have the possibility of going there. But if you wanna avoid the Park fees you can just do a tour around the National Park and enjoy the views of Western Uganda.

The Rwenzori Campsite undestoods itself as “Community Based Tourism” that means that the surrounding communitys should benefit from the campsite. So please have a look at the many community activities which are taking place around the campsite. For example you could join a group of women which are producing local coffee made in Uganda.

Feel also free to have a look at the Nyambusa Tailoring Group or buying some cups in the family run pottery nearby.

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Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions concerning the campsite or the booking.

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